We are a small successful analytic company. Currently, we are very interested in natural resources market analysis, small-cap and deep value.

We believe in growth for the reasonable price, and we can help with this for anyone who wants to reach success.

Our analysts are investors themselves. We make portfolios for our clients, who can choose their own sphere of interests.

This company was created by Tomas Lecompte, an expert in natural resources and former advisor in an international corporation. Tomas is a graduate of Texas University. He started to make investments at the age of 18. Back then, he made many mistakes as he can say now.

However, after several years of mistakes and faults, he came up with unique method of analysis. Now, all his team uses this method to create an analysis of the market for our clients.

Tomas loves to write. He is a bestselling author. In his free time, he publishes economic articles. Also, he writes detective stories. According to Tomas, all his stories were created by his analytic mind. And we have to agree with him. He is a real detective when it comes to different frauds at the market.

Our company helps the government to fight against cheating schemes at the market. We uncovered dozens of them and helped to prevent many tragedies, as we want to think.

Usually, our analysts share their opinions on different stock companies in our newsletters. The whole information is also available at our official website. We are ready for open discussions as well.