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Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Silences Messages It Dislikes, Former Reporter Asserts

Earlier, a scholar called Barry Lynn had offered his support to an EU antitrust to fine against the search provider. In retaliation, the company resolved to eliminate the scholar from the New America think tank it funds.

At the moment, a former Forbes writer has launched claims asserting that Google has recently been covering up a lot of negative things. For instance, it buried a potentially damaging story about a number of practices similar to the ones targeted by the EU.

The episode occurred in 2011 according to a recount by Kashmir Hill at tech news site Gizmodo. This was at a moment when the company was in the midst of unveiling and promoting its Google Plus social network.

A business meeting was held between Forbes and Google. It was in this meeting that a representative working with Google outlined that the search traffic was set to decline. That would be experienced by all those publishers that failed to add Google’s new “+1” social sharing button to their sites.

Hill decided to write a post showing the new search ranking parameter, but this followed the confirmation of the substance of the message with several Google’s press representatives. Her report entailed insights into how user interactions with Plus could lead to the generation of more relevant results to the wide array of users that were linked to Plus. A number of experts hold on to the perspective that the report was to a large extent positive and that the associated benefits were amazing.

However, it seems that Google isn’t quite welcoming to the attention being placed on its strategy and has thus been pressuring Forbes to do away with the article. The provider has indicated its objection to the use of material from an internal business meeting that some attendees had signed nondisclosure agreements too.

Hill opined, “Google is unfairly using its search engine might to boost its Facebook alternative.”A lot is going on at the moment, but whatever the future brings is something that will just have to wait and see.